Quality within ExpertCheese

ExpertCheese is your partner in cheese. Partnership is created by a loyal attitude, making clear agreements and delivering added value to products and services. Assurance in quality is the basic condition for the entire company.

We meet your requirements and are proud of it

To ensure a consistently high level of quality, we use a quality system that encompasses our processes and procedures. This system is constantly monitored to ensure we meet our high quality standards. Our Quality Assurance team makes improvements when necessary to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. This enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services we can offer.

Below you can view our certificates.

BRC is the largest standard in the food industry, with more than 17,000 certificates worldwide. The standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing companies that supply the retail sector. ExpertCheese itself does not do that, but many of our customers do supply this sector. That is why we see the BRC-A certificate as a great added value.
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Cows and pasture belong together. The cows are given space here for their natural grazing behaviour. Moreover, the cow in the meadow is a characteristic part of the Dutch landscape! Within modern dairy farming, it is not a matter of course to let the cows graze in the meadow from spring to autumn. The Weidegang Foundation aims to stimulate this and does so, among other things, by issuing the Weidegang certificate: proof of true 'meadow milk'. Meadow milk is milk from farms where the cows spend at least 120 days a year, at least six hours a day, in the meadow from spring to autumn. ExpertCheese produces cheese with the Weidegang certificate.
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Halal certification
At Expertcheese we are also halal certified.
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