Cleaning of the cheese

The upgrading of cheese is done by wet or dry cleaning. If cheese is no longer suitable for sale to the consumer, we remove the cheese coating and it can still be used for the cheese processing industry.

Wet cleaning

If you have cheeses that need to be stripped of the coating, ExpertCheese is the right partner. You can think of side stream products that remain after cutting cheese or cheeses damaged during the process or transport. The coating is removed by means of wet cleaning. After this treatment, the cheese is repackaged and provided with all relevant data and codes.

Dry cleaning

ExpertCheese adds value to the side stream (side stream products) supplied by our customers. Our employees sort these side streams according to product characteristics such as fat content and type. After this process, the optimized products are vacuum packed and ready for processing for grating or melting purposes.

Cleaning of cheese

We add value to your sidestream product through wet and dry cleaning. In this way we prepare the products for further processing.

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To prepare the cheese for transport and delivery, it is packaged in a specialized way. This always happens under the right circumstances.

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In addition to processing and cleaning cheese, ExpertCheese also likes to think along with you about the other residual flows. These can also be purchased.

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