What we do at ExpertCheese

The raw materials are obtained from cheese production and cheese processing locations and we make them suitable for further industrial processing for the food industry. We apply our custom-made services in your core business. For us, that partnership means that we empathize with your wishes and requirements and that only the very best is good enough. Customer focus, the highest quality, guaranteed purchase, integrity and hard work mean that we have become a constant and recognizable market party. We are active in many European countries. These include Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Sweden

ExpertCheese works under the full approval of the COKZ and considers quality assurance, accreditation and certification to be the most normal course of business. We are BRC Food (AA) and Skal certified. So whether you process grated cheese, dried cheese, processed cheese or cheese powder, or are looking for a partner in service or logistics, ExpertCheese adds value to your business.

The upgrade process


Upgrading of cheese is done by wet or dry cleaning. If cheese is no longer suitable for sale to the consumer, we remove the coating from this cheese and it can still be used for the cheese processing industry.


To prepare the cheese for transport and delivery, it is packaged in a specialized way. This always happens under the right circumstances.


In addition to processing and cleaning cheese, ExpertCheese also likes to think along with you about the other residual flows. These can also be purchased.

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